Lunch at Sierra Grill Smokehouse

30 Jul
Sierra Grill

Sierra Grill

Jake and I were kicking around Auburn today and decided to grab lunch at the Sierra Grill Smokehouse at 2515 Grass Valley Highway.  Allen and I had eaten here years ago when it was under a different owner and hadn’t been impressed enough to return.  But over the past few weeks I had heard some good things about the food and decided it was time to give the Sierra Grill a second chance.

It was “Taco Tuesday” with a special of 4 tacos for $5, your choice of pork, beef or chicken.  The dinning room was pretty full for 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, and most folks around us were eating the taco special – so they must be pretty good. I’m assuming they are made with the smoked pork, brisket or chicken that is available for their other lunch items.

The menu had lots of options with their smoked meats: sandwiches, salads, stuffed potatoes, and platters.  They also offer burgers, steaks, and ribs as well as lots of appetizer choices.  Jake and I decided to pass on the tacos and go for more traditional BBQ house menu items.  I purchased the Sierra Salad and Jake got one of the stuffed potatoes.


Sierra Salad with brisket

The Sierra Salad is a chopped salad topped with your your choice of smoked brisket, chicken, or pulled pork. It also has corn, black beans, crunchy tortillas, tomatoes, and avocado. It comes with an ample portion of homemade ranch dressing that is made using their barbecue sauce. It was yummy and paired great with the smokiness of the brisket.


Baked potato stuffed with pulled pork

Jake got a giant baked potato with pulled pork. It was huge! It was stuffed with a full serving of pork with bbq sauce, smothered with gooey cheddar cheese, and topped with chives.  Just eating the insides was enough for a meal, but the skin may have been the best part. The skin had been brushed with butter and spices, making it a little crispy and very tasty.

Overall, this was a great lunch and much better than my first experience. My only complaint is I wished the smoke was a little heavier. They use a pellet fed smoker with a mix apple and oak. The subtle taste probably works well for most of their customers, but I would have liked a bit more.  I will go back though.  The salad was killer and a great treat for a workday lunch.


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