Restuarant Review – Bam Dazy BBQ

3 Aug

We were running some errands in town and decided to grab some food at Bam Dazy BBQ in Auburn.

Bam Dazy BBQ

Bam Dazy BBQ

I was a little worried when only one other car was in the parking lot at 5:30 on a Saturday night.  I also couldn’t smell any smoke and the bbq outside didnt look like it had seen fire in quite some time.

The menu consisted of platters and sandwiches featuring ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken.  The had a variety of sides, including cole slaw, potato salad, fries, onion rings, beans and macaroni and cheese.  The full menu can be viewed on the Bam Dazy website.  I ordered the brisket platter with cole slaw and sweet potato fries.  Allen orded the pulled pork sandwich with macaroni and cheese.  And Jake ordered the pulled pork melt with fries.

Sauce choices.

Sauce choices.

While we waiting for our food, we sampled the sauces provided at each table.  The Hog Sauce was sweet and didn’t have much in the way of spice.  The Southern Heat was spicy and tangy – kind of like a Carolina style sauce.  And the black berry was kinda gross – this sweet, fruity syrup might work on vanilla ice cream, but I didn’t want it near meat.

Brisket platter

Brisket platter

I was really disappointed in my platter.  The brisket was very dry and lacked flavor – no sign of any rub and zero smoke flavor. I poured on the Southern Heat sauce, which made the meat a bit better, but it still wasn’t great.   I was looking forward to the sweet potato fries, as Yelp reviews raved about them.  But they were disappointing too, as they were under-cooked and mushy.  The slaw was probably the best thing on the platter, but the sauce seemed to be little more than mayo with some celery salt.

Allen had eaten half his pulled pork sandwich by the time I was done photographing my food, so I didn’t bother with a photo.  His pork was also very dry and lacked smokiness.  He said the mac n cheese was “decent” but reminded him of the Stouffers brand I used to make.

Pulled Pork Melt

Pulled Pork Melt

I thought Jake’s sandwich was pretty gross, but he said it was “just ok”.  He didn’t like it well enough to eat more than half of it, which I think says something when an active, teenage boy passes on food.  The sandwich had the same dry tasteless pulled pork, swiss cheese, slaw and a spicy pineapple sauce.  Jake thought the pineapple sauce didn’t go well with the slaw and wishes he had asked for the slaw to be left off the sandwich.  I didn’t see or taste any sign of the cheese, which was probably best because I don’t think it would have meshed well with the pineapple sauce.  Jake did manage to eat all the fries, which he thought were pretty good.

As we were walking back to the car, Allen said the simple review would be “Don’t Bother.”  I really wanted to like this place – we love to support local businesses and wish we had a really great BBQ place near home.  But Bam Dazy isn’t it.  In the end, I wished we had saved our time and money and grabbed a take out burger on the drive home instead.


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