Cattlemens Kansas City Classic Sauce

14 Aug
Homemade mop sauce and spritz.

Homemade mop sauce and spritz.

Allen makes most of his own sauces, but I’ve never been inspired to try.  Maybe I’m just lazy, but I’d rather find a really good bottled sauce and focus my effort on cooking the meat and sides.  As a result. I’m constantly buying and trying new sauces, trying to find the best one.

Cattlmens BBQ Sauce

Cattlemens BBQ Sauce

Recently I heard that Cattlemens is the bbq sauce used by most chain restaurants.  If they aren’t using it straight, they are using it as a base for their own custom recipes.   Heck, if you go to their website, they have a whole section about how to doctor up their sauce, so I’m guessing that its true.

We recently tried Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic with some grilled chicken breasts.  Its a Kansas City style sauce – thick and sweet and tomato based.  Its not excessively sweet and its spice level is mild.  We immediately recognized it as a sauce we’d tasted before – like what you get with chicken nuggets at fast food restaurants.  Its not bad, but its not remarkable.

We used up the second half of the bottle with a pork loin.  But this time Allen doctored up by thinning it with some vinegar and adding some spice.  This made it tangy and hot and pretty darned good.  I think this would be a good sauce if you used it in a recipe (like my BBQ Potato Salad).  It would also be a great choice for someone that is interested in customizing their bbq sauce, but isn’t brave enough yet to start from scratch – like BBQ training wheels.

One a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this a 5.  Its pretty average, but has potential with some hot sauce added.


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