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Firecracker Salmon

31 Jul

Monday evening, Allen came home with 5 pounds of fresh caught wild pacific salmon.  His boss just returned from two weeks at Shelter Cove, where the fish were biting and everyone was catching their limit each day.  The salmon was some of the prettiest Chinook salmon fillets I had ever seen – dark red and rich.  If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed it was sockeye.  We plan to smoke half of it later this week – it should turn out great!

We decided to grill the other half of it for dinner.  Usually, Allen grills salmon on cedar planks and tops it with a creamy dill-mustard sauce.  Its really good that way!  But this time he decided to try something new and did a little internet sleuthing to find a new recipe.  I had asked for a spicy soy based glaze, and he found the perfect recipe to meet my request: Firecracker Salmon.

Firecracker Salmon and asparagus.

Firecracker Salmon and asparagus.

The sauce was easy to throw together because its comprised mostly of items everyone has in their pantry.  The only fresh item you may need to run out and get (beside the fish) is the green onions.

We grilled the salmon on alder planks, which was new for us, because we usually use cedar.  I really liked the alder flavor as it is a bit milder than cedar and really let the flavor of the sauce take center stage.  If you’ve never cooked on planks before, I encourage you to give it a try – especially for fish.  Fish can be messy on the grill as it can start to fall apart on the grate.  But with the plank you get the effect of indirect heat and cook things a little slower without worrying about your fillet falling apart and through the grate.  Even I can manage to grill fish with a plank (but I still leave it for Allen to do, because hes so much better at it)!

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