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Drum Smoker

11 Aug

All the home improvement projects that the wife has assigned me just isn’t enough.  So I have decided to start a new project of my own.  While looking around trying to gather the various parts I needed to make my drum smoker I stumbled across Big Poppa’s website.  After seeing how nice their stuff looks, and at a reasonable price, I decided not to use a bunch of mismatched hardware like I had originally planned and to use their much prettier stuff instead.  Now I just need to get my hands on a food grade drum.  Luckilly there is a drum supply house just down the road in Roseville if I can’t find one second hand somewhere first.

On second thought, this project looks so easy maybe I’ll have my 13 yo build it to hone his redneck fabrication skills a little.

Bigg Poppa’s Smokers Drum Smoker Kit

Drum Smoker Kit

Drum Smoker

For those who don’t care what it looks like and want to just gather some parts at the local hardware store, this is the other option.  DIY 55 gallon drum smoker

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